Reopening Sunday at 30% June 28, 2020

What to watch for: In today’s video you will get a tour of our church set up and the message continues in 1 John 5. Enjoy the worship songs as well and listen to God speak to you. Don’t forget the closing prayer. 100 Bible Verses ~ Robert J. Morgan (page 80-81) Copyright c 2010Continue reading “Reopening Sunday at 30% June 28, 2020”

Father’s Day ~ Sunday, June 21, 2020

What to watch for below: This post is dedicated to our Gracious Father in Heaven and to our earthly fathers as we celebrate Father’s Day today. Enjoy worshiping our Good Father with the songs below. May the video message encourage you to be a witness for God’s Son. Before you go, take a moment toContinue reading “Father’s Day ~ Sunday, June 21, 2020”