Mother’s Day Sunday, May 10, 2020

What to watch for below: Today we thank God for mothers! Please find below an assortment of videos for worship singing (chosen by our worship leader Anne), a video message, a closing prayer and my sermon manuscript for further reading. May the peace of our LORD Jesus be with you as we continue to waitContinue reading “Mother’s Day Sunday, May 10, 2020”

Easter Sunday 2020 Service

What to watch for below…Our service leader for today, Jordi Wills, has an Easter greeting from his family. This is followed by our worship leader Anne’s Easter greeting followed by a couple songs chosen by her worship team. A short Easter message is delivered while I visit our empty church. I conclude with a closingContinue reading “Easter Sunday 2020 Service”

Sunday Worship Service April 5, 2020

Good morning Calvary Bible Church and friends! Hosanna to the Son of David! What to watch for below… a welcome from this Sunday’s Service Leader Chris Coker; some selected worship videos to sing with (optional of course); and a Palm Sunday Video. Today is also Communion Sunday, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait to breakContinue reading “Sunday Worship Service April 5, 2020”