Encouragement in Flattening the Curve and Prayer

I regret to inform you that our services will continue to be suspended/cancelled until further notice. We are hoping to be back to worshiping in our sanctuary by Sunday, April 6th, but that is to be determined. Here is the encouraging note…because we (and our governments) are taking such a hard-line, radical approach to slowing down the COVID-19, I am convinced (by the Grace of God and the Almighty Name of Jesus) that we will “flatten the curve” of the spread of the virus sooner than China, South Korea, Italy, Spain and other nations.

I am proud of all levels of government putting aside their partisan ways to fight this virus in tandem and as a team. Our medical professionals, experts and front-line workers are our generals, captains and soldiers in this fight. We are so blessed to have our health care teams ready and able to go into battle.

Let us pray for all those on the front-lines. Let us pray for our government leaders that they will receive more wisdom. Let us pray for those affected by the virus that they will recover quickly. Let us pray for those travelling home that they will be healthy and unaffected. Let us pray that, as Canadians, we will pull together like we have in past crises (The Great War) and see a Passover miracle this Easter. May the coronavirus see the blood of Christ at the doors of our hearts and passover (not only for us, but for our town and county). Do it again LORD for your glory!! And may we never forget to repent of our sins and confessing them one to another so that we may be healed (James 5:16).

Published by Greg Gaensler

Serving my LORD Jesus Christ at Calvary Bible Church in Smiths Falls, ON

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